Friday, April 23, 2010

Picture day

Today we decided to get photos done of the trio. I am a big fan of Picture People but I had heard good things about Portrait Innovations. So my Mom and I decided to take the trio to Portrait Innovations to see if they had a spot and give them a try. The people were very nice there and I will say that the photos and packages seemed cheaper than Picture People which is really why we went. They also have the "free" camera so they can get lots of different angles. I'm not a big fan of the photo places that their cameras only go up and down and left and right. Blah. So they took a lot of pictures of the trio together and of course single shots. They turned out great! We got a couple of packages and earned some free stuff. We also got a cd with all the pictures on it that we can print from and put on the web and such. The only problem we ran in to was they had difficulty printing the photos and burning the cd so needless to say I don't have my photos yet. :( As soon as I do have photos I will put them up.
So the trio did ok with their photo shoot. Unfortunately I think they were a little tired and a little hungry when we started. Levi had a meltdown when I was changing his diaper in the bathroom before we even started! Then our first photo was of the three of them together. Paige, who is a great smiler, had lost her smiles! She just wasn't having it! It was nice though that Mr. serious Nathan found his and we got some great photos of his big smile. We eventually found Paige's smile. My Mom actually suggested doing one of their favorite things which is putting their toes to their noses. It worked on all three of them and we got great smiles. Nathan melted down towards the end of the shoot. We then had some bottles and a snooze in our carseats while I looked at the photos.
When we came home they were exhausted! Levi just wanted to be held as he slept! But for what we did today I was ok with giving him a few extra snuggles. I better get them now while they still want them before they get too big for snuggles! Even though I know it will be a while before that happens I hope. :) So I am going to leave you to suffer through more pictures I took instead of the ones we got today. :)
I decided one day to get something new out for them to play with. They love their new tunnel! They love it so much that Paige and Levi had a snooze inside of it after playing for a while!

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  1. Oh my gosh they are so precious! I'm here visiting from "Manic Momday" :) Good luck on your trip to VA!

    It was almost 2 years ago (mother's day!) that we found out we were pregnant with our daughter. Both our kids are such a blessing! Congrats on your sweeties :D