Sunday, July 11, 2010

7 Months Old!

The trio is 7 months old today! Time sure does fly! They are all doing very well. I don't have any weights to share so I'm going to go over what they are up to.

Levi- He is still my little pistol. He wants to be the center of attention. He can roll both ways. He only chooses to roll to his belly to sleep, rarely to play. He can roll from belly to back but most of the time he just fusses to be rolled back over. Or picked up. :) We are working on learning to sit unassisted with him. He would rather stand instead. He tends to be difficult to be put to sleep. You have to get him at just the right time and he will go down without a problem. Otherwise he screams and fusses for a while. He is a little chatterbox as well. He just babbles on and on and loves when you mimic him. :)

Nathan- My little shy guy. He loves to play coy with you. You can talk to him and he will smile and look away. He is quick to smile and laugh and whenever he laughs you just laugh along with him. He loves to "feel" things. He reaches out to "pet" your clothes, face, his toys, the wall, ect. He can roll from him belly to his back. We are working on back to belly. He has gotten 3/4 of the way over before he flips back. Every time we see this we think "this is it!" but then it isn't. We are also working on sitting. He has also discovered he can scream and squeal. He sounds like a little girl. :)

Paige- She is the princess. She makes a lot of weird noises as well as screaming and squealing. It almost seems like every day she has come up with a new sound. Silly girl. She is my roller. Almost as soon as you put her down she is on her belly exploring. She doesn't go forwards yet but she can move in a circle around. I am just waiting for her to figure out how to get up on her hands and knees. She also is great at sitting. She has even started using her hands to catch herself from falling. She also likes to stand up and play.

They all prefer to sit and play now. We do bumbo time almost every day and rotate them around to a couple of different things. When we lay them on the playmat now they don't stay there very long now. It just doesn't amuse them as much. They would rather play in the jumper or something that they can look around in. Here they are in their 7 month pictures!

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