Friday, July 16, 2010

We have 2 sitters!

Paige has pretty much mastered sitting all by herself. You can now just plunk her down with some toys and she is happy as can be. Well Levi has now joined her. He is still practicing and needs a spotter but he is doing really well. The 2 of them played together today it was very cute. And by played together I mean Levi trying to play with toys and Paige taking them away from him! Now we just need to work on Nathan. He make take a little longer seeing as he is on his own schedule. I have to say I am really enjoying seeing them learn new things.

Levi also says Ma now. I love it. He said Ma first! It's also funny how he says it. It's more like mmmmmma. He holds the M a little longer and does a short A. I love hearing him say Ma and I can't wait for them all to start saying Ma and Da. :)

Here is a pic of my solo sitters and one of all 3 with me helping Nathan.

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