Friday, July 16, 2010

Tubby time

On Monday we started a new routine. We are now doing baths in the big tub! I have been thinking about doing this for a while. Nathan was getting too big for the baby tub in the kitchen sink. Between that and he is heavy and slippery when wet I decided it was time for us to graduate to the upstairs tub.

I spent the afternoon getting everything ready. I cleaned the bath ring. We have 2 but I wanted the first bath to be one on one. I got some toys out and then I had to bring most of our other bath stuff upstairs. When I went to put the bath ring in the tub the suction cups don't stick! I was a little upset by this. So I tried to put a bath mat down in the tub that we got as a gift. This also did not stick. Apparently the bottom of the tub already has a non stick like surface so suction cups don't stick. This stinks because now I can't use 2 bath rings. If they lean a certain way they can topple right over. So we will be waiting for the time that they can all sit up well to do baths together.

I also made a small playroom in our bedroom for the 2 that are waiting in the wings for their bath. I put a blanket upstairs and some toys from the playroom they had never seen before. So far it seems to be working.

Nathan was first. He is funny because he always studies new things before he will interact. He sat just looking at the water for the longest time. Eventually he started kicking his legs having a good old time.

Then came Levi. He was all smile from the moment I put him in the tub. He of course is the one who almost tipped over trying to get a toy.

Paige was last. She decided she was going to eat her washcloth the whole time. After her washcloth snack she started using her hands and did a little splashing.

All in all it was fun. It takes more time now to bathe them but that's because we play in the tub now. After I wash them, I take them out of the bath ring and hold them sitting in the tub so they can play. I am liking this new routine so far. On non bath nights we are going upstairs to play as well so we keep a regular bedtime routine. Someday I would like to do baths every night. Maybe when they are able to all bathe together. We shall see. Here are some pics of our first big tub bath! :)

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