Monday, July 26, 2010

Whip cream anyone?

Before the babies I used to work at a day care. One of the things we used to do in the infant and toddler room was put them in the high chairs and let them play with shaving cream. They would drive trucks through it and just make a nice mess. It's fun for them and a good sensory activity. Well I didn't want my guys putting shaving cream in their mouths so we decided to try whip cream. It's mostly air so why not! I am also trying to get them to learn to put food in their mouths and I thought this might help.

So I put a squirt on everyone's tray. They jumped a little at the sound of the whip cream spraying. Paige dove right in and started playing. Nathan looked at it and then me like what do you want me to do with that? Levi did the same as Nathan. We then took their hands and put it in the whip cream. I also gave them eat a taste. Pretty soon Paige and Levi were going to town. Nathan wanted nothing to do with it. Oh well maybe next time :)

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