Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our first injury!

And it's not the kids! :) Haha. Tonight we were feeding the trio their dinner. They were starting to get fussy in their highchairs waiting for their turn to get a bite of food. Well Alan decided to play peek-a-boo using our dining room table to "hide" behind. Well he was coming up to say boo and I'm sure you can guess what happened.....Thwack! Right on the top of his head! He hit it pretty hard too. He now has a nice red horn on the top of his head. And being the big, strong, man that he is......he hasn't stopped complaining about it and wondering if he has a concussion. :) Love him! I think he is fine since he is in the basement playing his guitar and singing. I am going to try to get a pic....but no promises!

Tomorrow we are taking the boys for x-rays of their hips. Since they were breech they told us at 6 months they would do x-rays. Of course it took me a while to make the appointment but hey I eventually did it right!? So hopefully it goes well tomorrow and they both come back fine. I'm a little concerned about Nathan because he tends to keep his legs "frog" like when laying down and that's something they look for. We shall see.

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