Friday, July 9, 2010


So we tried puffs for the fist time on Wednesday. It didn't go over too well. Nathan and Levi threw up. Paige did ok but we had to keep popping the little puff piece back in her mouth. The next time we tried they did a little better. At least nothing came back up! Today we tried the yogurt melts. They loved them! They did really well and kept looking for more. Now I just need to work on them picking them up themselves!

Paige is doing great with sitting up. She is even starting to catch herself sometimes if she starts to fall. She is such a big girl! :) Nathan is being stubborn and refuses to turn all the way over. He gets 3 quarters of the way over and then rolls back. Stinker! Levi rolls if he feels like it. We are working on sitting with him. He gets distracted too easily though and topples over. It's a work in progress.

Doug (Alan's old college buddy) came to visit and meet the babies this week. He came on Wednesday and is leaving tomorrow. Yesterday we spent the day in Philly. It was fun but hot. Today was a lazy day at home. Tonight Alan had a gig for his band so they all went to that. Well thats all for now. Bedtime :)

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