Monday, July 5, 2010

Big tub time

I have come to the conclusion that it is time to move upstairs and start bathing in the big tub. I have decided this for many reasons. The first reason being that Nathan is too big for the little tub in the sink. The second reason is because Nathan is getting heavy and I'm afraid I might drop him when transferring him from the tub to his towel on the stove. He is slippery when wet and very wiggly now. The third reason is because Paige has decided that she wants to try to sit up in the tub and well she can't because of the type of tub we have.

I am unsure yet how I am going to go about a new tub time routine. I need to decide if I want to use the tub rings for all of them or perhaps use the sponge and let Nathan lay down seeing as he isn't as strong sitting up yet. I think I might try the ring with all of them to see how they do and go from there. I have a little time to figure it out though. Alan's friend Doug is coming this week to see the babies (and us) so I think I will start this on Monday of next week. It will be right after they turn 7 months! :)

Today was a different day for me. Alan had to work (not so different) and my Mom usually is here when Alan is not. Today she just came for the morning because she had a picnic to go to. So it was just me from 11ish till 4:30, when Alan got home. He is working extra long shifts the next couple of days so he could take time off when Doug was here. It went rather well. Of course I decided I was going to work on cleaning our bedroom while they took their afternoon nap. Well Levi must have sensed that because he wanted nothing to do with napping in his crib. We have a pack and play set up in our room for when he gets in these moods so he doesn't keep the other 2 up with his screaming. So of course I put him in our room and he goes right to sleep. Little stinker. So now I will hopefully get to work on it tomorrow. If not well it will just be a mess! I would have done it tonight but a headache kept me from it. oh well. Time to go make their bottles for tomorrow and then off to bed.

On to our pictures for today. I have been meaning to get pictures of them napping. I finally remembered to take the camera up one day last week. When looking back at the photos I realized Nathan still has his eyes a little open but I'm pretty sure he was asleep! Also Paige kicks her feet before she goes to sleep so thats why her little feet look like they are in the air. Cause they are! :)

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